Hello Gorgeous!

Meet Mira, your beauty industry expert

When I was younger my greatest passion was makeup. The art of mixing colours, and textures, finding products that work best with my skin tone and colours that make my eyes pop was something I have always loved. I saved up every penny just to go out and buy a tube of lipstick or a single eyeshadow.

My dream has always been to share my passion with others and to help people find confidence in themselves and see their beauty, not only with makeup, but oh naturale as well. Skin care is extremely important, as it provides an important foundation for the canvas that is your face.

It's not just a business or a job for me, I love the look on people's faces when they look in the mirror and at photos from important events and milestones.

I am always keeping up with the latest trends and educating myself on new techniques. I have taken a master class by Mario Dedivanovic who is Kim Kardashian's makeup artist. Just like Mario, I have always believed in the power of contouring!

I work with all kinds of makeup, colours and can do all types of looks. I take pride in my business and invest in only the best products for my clients. Check out my service page to see what brands I use.

Getting your makeup done, regardless of the event, is always a little stressful, so leave it to me to give you the perfect look for your special day.


Mira Daraiche